Welcome to the personal blog of Luc Bartkowski

Oké, here it is, my personal blog. Welcome.

I never thought that I would start my own blog because I don’t feel that my opinion is relevant in the current global village. However, I needed some extra space to clearify my thoughts beyond the limited space of a Tweet. And since I have a respectable, not in measures of size but in measures of relevance, Twitter audiance of followers I feel that I need some space in order to express my thoughts. Feel free to comment these thoughts, and use them for your own purpose. If you feel that you want me to give the credits of a thought: thank you very much.


This blog is stricktly personal and it therefore does not express or represent or contain any statement, opinion or feelings of any kind of any other natural or legal persons or organization, including my employer.


Working in ICT since the 90's in multiple domains including network infrastructures and protocols, software application development, office automation, enterprise resource planning / business process automation and cloud solutions. Current professional focus: Big data and machine learning. Personal interest: global economics.

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