About me

I have started my career in information technology as a field service engineer in datacommunication networks back in 1985. Starting with modem technology over voice grade lines and multiplexer, cluster controller, front-end processors to distribute the functionality of the central computer to terminal equipment.

I learned about protocols within the information technology domain in order distribute information in a controlled matter. I have started with transportation protocols such as byte oriented IBM 3270 Bisync and the bit oriented SNA/SDLC, also from IBM. I learned about the layered architecture in datacommunication represented in the OSI model. I have teached other engineers about a protocols like X.25 and TCP/IP. But I also learned them how to read the IBM 3270 Commands and Orders protocol in order to understand where and in which format characters would be displayed on the screen in those days. You might understand that with this expertise I quit easy understand new architectures and protocols.

During the initial growth of Internet my employer wanted to jump upon the bandwagon of e-commerce. We decided to base our services on Microsoft Commerce Server technology. We developed the first e-commerce websites for some Dutch retailers. I learned about Microsoft technology like IIS and SQL Server but also about programming languages like Java. And about interaces to ordering functionality in ERP systems. But also about marketing and sales processes and the Peppers and Rogers 1-to-1 marketing model.

With that experience I prolonged my career at Capgemini. I started with assignments in  e-commerce projects, became manager of a team of Java developers, and learned about industrialization of software development including sizing and estimation, project management and offshoring. Capgemini is recognized as one of the big ERP system integrators. I decided to join Capgemini’s SAP delivery organization. In those days SAP NetWeaver became important and it was quit easy for me to obtain knowledge about SAP BASIS and SAP ABAP but also about technologies such as SAP XI and SAP Portal. Since then I have gained experience with many SAP clients but also with SAP applications in ECC6 and their related business processes.


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