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Gephi 0.8.2 on Apple OSX Yosemite

Intro To my opinion big data is the most important development in the ICT industry. It was time for me to get a grasp on big data. I want to get acquainted on the whole big data stack, “vertically” from HDFS

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Disruptive times

Disruptive times I believe we are living in disruptive times. Things will never be the same anymore due to what Gartner is calling the Digital Industrial Economy and my employer Capgemini the Digital Transformation of our society in a global economy.

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Does personality prediction using big data makes sense?

This week I watched a television documentary regarding Big Data from the Dutch broadcaster VPRO. In this Big Data documentary thought leaders like Alex (Sandy) Pentland, Brian Dalessandro, Jaron Lanier, Matthew Hogan, Michal Kosinski, Stephen Wolfram and Viktor Mayer-Schönberger were interviewed. Their insights and thoughts were very interesting.

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